Filomena 0,75 l


Quality white wine

Filomena is the most awarded wine from our winery. The meaning of the name Filomena comes from Greek Philoumenes, which is compounded by the word phileo in the sense of love and word menos in the meaning of strength. The grapes are picked in full rippenes, macerated for 36 hours and partly vinificated in acacia and oak barrique barrels. After one year in barrels, wine is left to grow in bottles for one year. That gave it fullness and strength, but still had a remarkable aromatic profile and beautiful freshness with good potential for ageing.

Actual year: 2017.

Kutije za dostavu sadrže 6 ili 12 boca (istih ili različitih), ali Vaša narudžba ne mora nužno sadržavati navedene količine.


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